Adorable Newborn and Maternity Photography by Edita Paluri

Edita Paluri is a Lithuanian maternity and baby photographer, settled in one of the finest Indian cities, Pune. She is a creative mother who turned her hobby into her career and spend her days learning, crafting new ideas, capturing adorable people, designing and editing photos. “I constantly scribble images in my mind of unique set ups, make the list of teeny-veeny pieces to transform it into the picture, open my “third eye” and start clicking.” she states on her website and adds; “You would probably expect me to say I am wonderful, creative and passionate photographer with mountains of experience and piling awards in the drawers. Well, most of all, I am just another hard working, creative mommy, whose hobby turned into exciting journey of fascinating career. Another You-could be Me in the past and Me-could be You in near future.” Her inspiration is iife; the very beginning of it in the womb and beautiful flourishing of each birth. Her passion is to capture this magical proof of continuity via clicks of amazing Moms, fragile newborns and champion children. She says; “The thing I love most about my Job – wonderful people I meet every day, who are the most important, creative and combining elements of each photo-shoot and my personal success.” She has an impressive style for capturing mom-to-bes and newborn babies. Just see our selection of photos from her portfolio and let us know about your thoughts.