23 Admirable UFO Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

The UFO or unidentified flying object implicates extraterrestrial life or aliens. It’s a fascinating subject or theme for books, design, films, fashion, and art. Nowadays, people fancy ufo tattoos to express their interest in extraterrestrials or general sci-fi thoughts. The minimalist UFO spaceship with a little pointillism-approach is one of the top tattoo designs for both men and women. It features the meekest spaceship sketch, and two vertical lines to symbolize the light that typically comes out from these ships. The design looks better in black ink alone, and it’s also more appealing in a small size. Furthermore, it’s apt on any part of the body.

Another minimalistic tattoo design is the retro-styled spaceship. The background features a red faded-color, while the spaceship art has a dot-work effect. This design also comes with three small diamond shapes that represent starts, as well as the signature light that comes out from the spaceship. Furthermore, this design is ideal on the bicep, forearm, and upper chest part of the body. For a more significant tattoo design, the full-detailed UFO tattoo will make an excellent design. Aside from the signature UFO spaceship, this design also features a cabin with trees and mountains in the background. Regardless if it’s in black print, or it comes with colors, this design is suitable on the arm sleeve, leg, or back part of the body.

Most people know that UFOs are responsible for the pyramids in Egypt. Hence, the UFO spaceship in Egypt design is also an excellent option to consider. This design features a UFO spaceship over three pyramids. It also has two planets in the background, Jupiter and Saturn. Moreover, the style is in a diamond-shaped frame. Here are some extraordinary UFO tattoo ideas.

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