6 Smart Systems Your Home Needs

Smart devices seem to be the way of the future, and at first, it may have seemed like these had more novelty value than practical value. But as technologies progress, we are seeing how these devices are getting better and have real value. As time goes on, it’s easy to see how this will become the norm, and having ‘dumb’ devices may soon seem retro and a strange choice. Let’s have a more detailed look at what’s out there, and here are six smart systems for your home that could genuinely enhance your life.

Smart Speaker & TV

Entertainment is the first area where smart technology became a mass market. TVs and game consoles have had some kind of smart technology appearing going back a decade. We’ve seen voice recognition, motion detection, 3D, and more appear in our entertainment systems. Smart speakers such as the Google Dot and Amazon Echo can play Radio and music, control other smart systems, create shopping lists, play games, and so much more.

Power Sockets

A device that can turn almost anything into a smart device is the modern version of the humble power socket. Connected through Bluetooth or WiFi, this can operate nearly any electrical equipment on command or even on a timer. One of my best buddies used this in an inventive way; he set up a record player with a vinyl ready to go and timed it to come on as his alarm clock. There are endless opportunities with this system if we use our minds to be creative.


Security Systems

One area that has been transformed by new technologies is the home security industry. These systems work alone; however, the connectivity the internet offers means the possibilities are greatly expanded from the old days. You can access live feeds or recorded CCTV pictures from anywhere in the world at the touch of your smartphone. Check out Vivint pricing to see how affordable these systems have become in recent times and how they can change your life.

Heating & Lighting

Having timers work with our heating and lighting is not a new concept. But how we can control these with modern versions is light years ahead of the older incarnations of these technologies. You can have lights that automatically turn off if a room is not being used. Heating systems can be timed, of course, but also altered and changed remotely through apps. So, when your system needs replaced seriously consider going in a smart direction.

Domestic Appliances

There are so many domestic appliances that are utilizing smart technologies now. You can see that such things as robot vacuum cleaners or lawnmowers exist. Or how about kitchen devices that can be operated remotely, or the fridge that can offer recipes and keep track of what needs to go on the grocery list. What about things like the meat thermometer that can send an alert to your phone when the optimum temperature is either reached or breached. It cannot be too many years into the future before we have a fully integrated smart home where every aspect of domestic life is set up and works together.  This would really make life seem like a Sci-Fi movie.


This is one of the coolest ones. You can have a doorbell that you can answer even if you are not home, this connects you to a camera on the door and often a microphone and speaker. You can give instructions to delivery drivers. Or you can deter thieves by warning them that they can be seen and have been recorded attempting to gain entry to the property.