Home Décor and Interior Objects as Gorgeous Stained Glass Sculptures

When we think about stained glass, we always have in mind large and luxurious pieces that are part of some breath-taking structure. Well, our featured artist, Elena Zaycman wanted to create items from stained glass that people could easily incorporate in their living space – without an elaborate and complicated installation – and it’s not enough to say that she succeeded. Elena Zaycman is a full-time stained glass designer, working with the medium for nearly a decade. She uses the Tiffany technique, meaning she designs and creates diverse stained glass home décor and interior objects. Her vibrant creations are inspired by nature, travels, geometry, and favorite pets, her colors are full of life, playful, and warm. You can see a glimpse of it in our gallery below, but for more of Elena’s stained glass sculptures please visit her Instagram page and Etsy shop where you can find some special pieces for your home.

Detail of “The Tulips” (2021), made in collaboration with Jay Rose.

Photo credits: Elena Zaycman; Jay Rose.

“The Foxglove” (2021), made in collaboration with Jay Rose.

Detail of “The Foxglove” (2021)

“Two Windows for Flowers” (2020)

“A full-time stained glass designer who works in absolutely stunning Tiffany technique: design and create diverse stained glass home décor and interior objects.”

“Licuala Palm” (2019). Photo by Natasha Lozinskaya.

Photographed by: Natasha Lozinskaya

“Flower” (2019). Photo by Natasha Lozinskaya.

“Banana Leaf” (2019). Photo by Natasha Lozinskaya

“Elkhorn Fern” (2019). Photo by Natasha Lozinskaya.

Detail of “Two Windows for Flowers” (2020)

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