7 Original Ideas for Gifts and Celebration for a Father’s Day

The idea to revere Father’s Day first came to Sonora Smart’s mind, an American woman. Since then, we have been celebrating Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June!

By beautifully decorating the house with garlands and fathers day balloons, buying him a gym or spa membership (do you know what your father is fond of?), or giving him a cool set of tools or a smart device as a gift you will make him happier because a gift from a child doubles the pleasure!

Check out these top 7 ideas for gifts and celebration for Father’s day!

1.  Decorate the house

Do you think your dad is not interested in fascinating decorations? You just haven’t really tried to decorate your home yet! Here are some ideas that will help you to transform your interior:

  • Balloons: use latex and foil balloons separately and in bundles, mix balloons of different shapes and colors. Add a couple of balloon compositions like arches, garlands, columns, or panels.
  • Draperies: create an abstract wall design with beautiful fabrics; this will help refresh your interior design. Match the colors to your dad’s tastes and your interior color scheme.
  • Fresh flowers: arrange flower pots with flowers and greenery on your festive table, window sills, shelves. Hang some hand-made flowerpots on the fishing line.
  • Paper garlands can be made from colored and corrugated paper. You can create garland elements of any shape, decorate them with bright pom-poms and ribbons.
  • Party theme decorations: make some fascinating handmade decorations to match the party theme, such as a paper mustache with a “Who’s lost his mustache” inscription, or cardboard apron-shaped plaques that say “Best dad who can make everything”.

2.  Make a set of small gifts

Your choice depends on your father’s interests: sports, cooking, gardening, travel, gadgets, etc. For example, a box with symbolic gifts might say “Geeky dad’s gift box” or “For handyman dad”.

3.   Have a pizza and video game tournament evening

If your dad is a fun and laid-back guy, indulge him with a fun pastime. You can even come up with a dress code and stay in your pajamas all day!

Regardless of what you decide to play, the competitive spirit will keep you both engaged! Such relaxation will allow your father to plunge into nostalgic memories and remember this day for a long time!

4.   Do housework for him while he enjoys a massage

Dad seems to be doing housework all day long: after all, when you were a little kid, he and Mom were always cleaning up your mess!

On this festive day, do the job for him, while he enjoys his SPA day!

But keep it a secret: when he comes back home, he will have another pleasant surprise!

5.  Buy your dad tickets to his favorite event

Does your dad like to watch baseball games/wrestling/opera/animal life on TV?

If there are some upcoming events in your city that he may like to go to, buy the tickets and have some perfect time together. Everything is much more exciting when it happens right in front of your eyes!

6.   Host a backyard picnic

Prepare Dad’s favorite main meals, snacks, and drinks, set the table, clean the barbecue or fondue set, have a craft beer or wine tasting, and play some outdoor games!

Be sure to decorate the backyard: on that day, it should look unusual! It’s enough to create a couple of paper or balloon garlands, decorate the backyard with ribbons, and balloon letters to congratulate your dad. And don’t forget to hang glass candle holders, led garlands, or led balloons on the trees if you know that your party will end late at night!

Believe us, your father will appreciate having fun with his family outdoors!

7.   Surprise your dad with a festive brunch

Start a holiday by preparing your dad a breakfast that he loves (cooperate with mom if needed)! What man could resist these hot pancakes with cheese, a fresh salad, and corn buns!