Innovative Wedding Invitation Ideas

Planning for a wedding can be very hectic. It involves a lot of nuances and processes that need to be addressed. On the other hand, a wedding is one of the most auspicious events in the life of any person in this world. While you must have already booked your venue, decorated the entire house, decided the menu, and did a lot of other things, have you thought about how you are going to invite your guests?

Your wedding will be incomplete without your friends, family members & other close people. You have to invite them properly to your wedding and offer them a warm welcome. There are different ways in which you can send out invitations to the guests. One of the latest and really cool ideas is by using video invites, you can create one yourself with any online video editor available or with the help of photoshop or you can ask for professional help.

Custom wedding invitation videos can help you to share your private moment with the guests and ask them to grace the event. There are different kinds of videos that can be used for wedding invitations. If you have never heard about this concept, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. Video invites are the latest trend in 2021, and a lot of people are following this trend these days. Now it is your turn to check it out and select the right video.

Best Wedding Video Invitations For You

Here is a list of all the top innovative ideas which can help you to invite your guests in the most extraordinary and unique manner –

  1. Story of Us Video –

As the name suggests, the Story of Us Video is the one that portrays the love story of both the bride and groom. If you want all of your guests to know about your long love story with your partner, then this is the best form of video invitation. You can create cool transitions and slides of videos or images that take everyone through your journey over the years. This can be a great way of inviting your guests to your wedding.

  1. Save The Date Video –

If you are looking forward to doing something new and quirky for your wedding invite, then you can create a save-the-date video for the occasion. You can make such a video by adding unique photos and other elements which is special to you. Add the details using text and let the guests know about the date of your marriage. Ask them to save the date & avoid keeping any work on that particular date. These are precise, small, and very cute videos.

  1. Cultural Wedding Video –

A cultural wedding video is a simple yet glorious way to invite all your guests. In a cultural wedding video, you can highlight some specific events like the mehndi or sangeet and announce the date after showing a few clips of these events. This will help the guests to understand what’s going on and that they are invited to the grand event. You can even allow your parents to address the video and ask the guests to visit the very auspicious occasion.

  1. Stop Motion Video –

The best part of using a stop motion video is that it can be brought to life with the help of a smartphone as well. It is a unique and powerful way of announcing a special event. You can ask one of your friends to film you in a stop motion, or you can use other objects that have a charming and attractive makeover.

Use the right video effects and create the wedding video invitation. It is a great idea for a DIY wedding video invitation in 2021.

If you are wondering what a stop motion video is, it is an animation technique where one frame is captured at a time. Between each of the shots, the objects in the frame are moved. When all the images are brought together in the video, it looks as if the objects are moving all around.

  1. Hobby Themed Video –

Another way of creating a good wedding invitation video is based on your hobbies. Both the groom and bride can infuse some of the elements of their hobbies into their weddings invitation. This helps to add fun and casual elements to the invitation video. This brings a light tone to the wedding invitation. People will love it when they see you smiling and laughing all through the video.

  1. Specific Themed Video –

If you are planning to organize a wedding based on a particular theme, then why don’t you use the same theme in your invitation video? For example, if your wedding is going to be decorated with royal and classical elements. Then you can make the invitational video like that as well. Use the classical colors to edit the video, and use filters that complement the theme well. This will help the guest to connect with the event in a much better manner.

  1. Destination Wedding Video –

For all the couples who are planning for a destination wedding, you can create the invitation video at the destination. Show the aesthetic and beautiful places of the destination and how your arrangements are going on. Add shots of the venue, other beautiful locations, the decor, and other elements. This will help you to make a gorgeous wedding invitation video without much effort. Usually, destination weddings are organized at magnificent locations which are visually appealing. That is why you won’t have a dearth of good and appealing visuals all around.

  1. Animation Wedding Video –

People are using animated wedding videos these days to invite their guests. Animation allows you to make use of a whole lot of elements and tools that give a completely new look to your video. If you are not trained to do animations, you have to get in touch with a master digital animation expert to make the video. You can add a whole new depth to your wedding video via animations. They are not only fun to watch, but they can convey a lot of emotions also.

Final Words –

Your wedding is possibly one of the most important events of your whole life. That is why you would always want everything to go well, isn’t it? Then why don’t you check out these innovative wedding invitation ideas? These are cool, unique, and very special. They will surely help your guests to feel more welcome and excited to attend your wedding.