6 Ways A Buckwheat Pillow Guarantees Better Sleep

Having high-quality sleep is essential in a person’s overall well-being. Without it, one wouldn’t be able to perform well.

A deep slumber provides repair, restoration, and regeneration processes your body needs to recover from an entire day’s worth of heavy work. If you’re regularly deprived of good sleep, your body will suffer, and you won’t be able to perform the demands of the daily grind.

Serious health conditions aside, a set of warm, cozy, and comfortable sleeping aids — mattress, pillows, blankets — can help you achieve better sleep. But, not all pillows are created the same.

If you want utmost comfort and reliable support as you hit the sack, consider buckwheat pillows. They can provide a more restful sleep for the following reasons: 

  • Proper Support

When you sleep, your body needs to maintain proper posture to avoid placing undue pressure on the joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. The Buckwheat Pillow specializes in providing proper support, as it has a perfect balance of firmness and softness.

As you place your head on this pillow, your neck, shoulder and head become aligned and are therefore placed in an ergonomic position. You’ll notice that the pillow doesn’t fall flat all the way like foam-filled pillows, giving you all the support that you need. But, because buckwheat hulls are inside, they remain soft too.

  • Prevent Aches and Pains

One in five American adults suffer from chronic pain, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). Chronic pain is one of the main contributing factors to sleep disturbance or deprivation. When your body isn’t properly aligned as you sleep, you’ll wake up with stiff and sore neck or shoulders and upper back issues. Some people may even develop spinal problems down the road.

Conditioning your bedroom to provide you with superb comfort may help you get rid of common sleep issues, being that buckwheat pillows are good at removing unnecessary pressure on your soft tissues — one of the keys to achieving a more restful sleep. 

  • Keeps You Cool

Body temperature experiences a slight dip in the evening. According to the NSF, four out of five persons they surveyed stated that a cool room temperature is highly important in getting a superb slumber session. The organization further stated that the most ideal sleeping temperatures is approximately between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius).

The triangle-shaped hulls inside the buckwheat pillow allows for better air circulation. Because it’s breathable, this sleep aid can keep your head cool at night, even when the ambient room temperature is high. When paired with your cozy braided blanket, a buckwheat pillow helps you doze off well.  

  • Toxin-Free

Buckwheat pillows are all-natural and organic. This means they don’t contain any harmful compounds of toxic chemicals that can harm you with constant exposure. Buckwheat pillows also don’t attract dust mites and other potential allergens.

In comparison, pillows made from synthetic materials can damage your health in the long run. That’s because they’re often sprayed with fire retardants that may cause damaging impacts to the immune and nervous systems, according to studies.

A buckwheat pillow can help you obtain sound sleep knowing that you’re not exposed to harmful toxins as your head hits the pillow.  

  • Extremely Moldable

People prefer to sleep in different positions and, therefore, need pillows of different shapes and sizes. For instance, people who sleep on their back need low-loft or thin pillows. Side sleepers need high-loft or thick pillows to provide better head, neck, and shoulder alignment and support.  Having inappropriately-sized pillows can give you sore and tight muscles.

The good thing about buckwheat pillows is that it’s moldable. It moves and molds according to your head and neck shape, preventing you from tossing and turning just to find the most comfortable position. With this pillow, you can sleep soundly as it locks your body into a proper position, working no differently than a Travel Neck Pillow. 

  • Helps Reduce Snoring

Almost half of the American population experience snoring. Some cases of snoring may be caused by a serious health issue, that’s why a doctor’s consultation is essential.

Snoring can contribute to sleep deprivation too. Buckwheat pillows can help reduce snoring by getting you in a position where your airways are opened for the rest of the night. Without snoring, you can sleep better.

Final Thoughts 

Comfort is a must-have in getting high-quality slumber. Because of its unique characteristics, a buckwheat pillow can provide proper support, eliminating aches and pains. By giving you the most pleasant sleep that you’ve ever had, it helps improve your overall health and well-being too.