Exceptionally Unique, Modern And Romantic Bridal Dresses Designed by Sally Bean

Designer Sally Bean is based in London, The UK and designs & handcrafts luxury, bespoke, modern and romantic bridalwear. She describes herself as a daydreamer, a magic believer and she has an eclectic taste, as she loves astrology, the moon and mysticism. Before founding her own brand, designer Sally Bean had worked with Phillipa Lepley for 7 years. she was the only embellishment designer then her role quickly grew to become the senior design manager to her large team. She helped her to run all aspects of her business from the design room to the boutique, high profile clients and even PR. She loved the time she spent with Phillipa as she gave Sally lots of opportunities to discover and improve her skills. “Phillipa’s eye and incredibly skilled team of couturiers taught me so much, it was a tough decision to leave but I was passionate to start my own company when demand for my own designs grew. I found that I was inundated with brides wanting something really special, individual, made with the finest couture techniques and a modern twist. I am proud that my journey has enabled me to meet the most amazing women who want a very special wedding dress made within my studio.” she stated in her website, adding that; “In the early days I worked freelance for high end occasion wear brands, who are stocked in the worlds best boutiques including Harrods. I am extremely passionate about creating, sewing and embellishing. I feel the itch to create constantly. Even growing up in a village by the River Thames all I wanted to do was make and sew clothes for my dolls. I never wanted to play with them, I just wanted to update their wardrobes!” For her, inspiration strikes everywhere, she adores flowers with roses, peonies and eucalyptus her favourite. Her brides, real women who want an individual look. Embellishing fabrics, is her special love. But equally she adores really modern architectural lines that are clean of adornment. We showcase some of her best designs to inspire bride-to-bes who are looking for the dress of their dream day. Hope you find her designs inspirational!