Worst Things That Could Happen on Your Wedding Day And How You Can Make the Most of it


Everyone wants their wedding to be the idolized ‘perfect day.’ However, in today’s society, there are so many possibilities for things to go wrong. Not everything in life is predictable or within our control. Here are some events that could impact your big day. We’ve also given some ideas as to how you can still enjoy your wedding as much as possible in these situations.

Car Accident

The average motorist will experience around four car accidents in their lifetime. Of course, no one can tell you when these accidents are going to occur. Your wedding may be a special day for you, but according to the probability, it has the same chance as any other day. It might even be that you’re on your way to the wedding itself when you get into an accident, you just never know.


Although this would be a horrible thing to happen on your big day, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t still get married. Haven’t you seen the soap operas where they have the wedding in a hospital? You definitely wouldn’t forget your wedding day in a hurry, and neither would anyone else. It would be quite a story to tell the grandchildren.


On a slightly more serious note, this situation would cause you to lose a hell of a lot of money. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you could claim back some of the money spent on the big day. If you look here, you can get some more information as to what you would be entitled to.

The Bride or Groom Fails to Attend

This is possibly everyone’s secret fear on the day of their wedding. If you have absolutely no doubt that your significant other is going to turn up for the ceremony, you’re a lucky person. It might not even necessarily be that they’ve got cold feet. Countless people have been late to their own wedding, and in this case, you just have to hope that all your arrangements can be delayed for a while until they actually make it to the venue.


If it is for the dreaded reason that they’ve left you high and dry, it can be the worst feeling in the world. But think of it this way, you’ve probably made a very lucky escape. Would you really have wanted to spend the rest of your life with someone who would wait until the actual wedding day to bow out? As the saying goes, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

The Venue’s Double Booked

This would obviously be a slight problem for both couples involved. You most likely wouldn’t be able to go ahead with the wedding day you’d planned. If you did find yourself in this situation, the best thing you can do to still have the best possible day is a compromise.


Talk with the other couple, and both take a few elements from each of your weddings. Otherwise, neither you or they are going to be able to have any part of the wedding you’d dreamed of.


Think what a spectacle it would be to have a big double wedding! All your guests altogether, two cakes, double the budget. Not to mention that you would most likely receive a sizeable amount refunded by the venue.


This is not something they can sneak away from, especially with two angry couples hounding them. Again, this would make your wedding day hugely memorable, and you might even make friends along the way.


What we’re trying to tell you is not to let anything get in the way of your special day. Everyone has high hopes for the perfect wedding, but that just isn’t realistic. If things don’t quite go to plan, just take it in your stride.


At the end of the day, this is about you marrying the most important person in your life. None of the things that we’ve mentioned here should get in the way of that. (Side note: If number two happens and they don’t show up, we’re inclined to say that they probably weren’t the love of your life. You’ll find one.)