6 Ideas To Bring Moroccan Design Into Your Apartment

In today’s world of home decor, there is a wide range of interior design options that can be played around with. While monochromatic hues appeal to those with a penchant for clean palates, there are other options available that can bring the color and energy needed to transform houses into comfortable homes. With the rise in popularity of bohemian styled interiors, Moroccan décor is certainly an artful way of bringing exotic elegance with a touch of mysticism into your homes.

Located in Northern Africa, Morocco is a melting pot of cultures that has over time influenced the creation of unique design elements and sophisticated accents.  The dazzling hues and textured fabrics have made their way from the glittering streets of Marrakech and Casablanca to modern homes, blending seamlessly with other existing styles.

Typically, Moroccan interior design is known for its detailed architecture which can be quite ornate. However, even if you are living in an apartment, there is still a lot that you can do to bring the warmth and vibrancy of the Moroccan design into your home.

Here are six fantastic ideas that will help inspire you to perfectly bring the blended charm of Moroccan design into your apartments!


1)      Use Bright Colors

From magnetic colors to intricate geometric patterns, Moroccan design is truly a celebration of life. As you embrace this vivacious theme, it is important to incorporate bold colors and patterns into the mix. Inspired by the Moroccan landscape, the color palette you can choose from are the warm blues and greens of the oceans, golden hues of the deserts and even the rich oranges of the African sunsets. To recreate the classic Moroccan vibe, you can use blue and indigo hues.

If you want to remain subtle then you can simply throw in a splash of color against neutral backdrops such as bright colored pillows that will stand out in the room.

2)       Incorporate Moroccan Styled Furniture

While interior spaces may reflect bright colors and busy patterns, Moroccan furniture, on the other hand, is simple yet ornate. Traditionally, tables, chairs, and sofas are built using wrought iron and wood and lay close to the floor. You can incorporate similar furniture that is detailed intricately, using carved wood, mother of pearl inlay and bright upholstery. Bring the Moroccan flavor to your living rooms by placing a versatile pouf, a multipurpose piece of furniture that can be used as either a footstool or a seat and can be perfect for small spaces.

You can also do away with traditional coffee tables and seats and bring in wooden additions with a Middle Eastern flair such as an ottoman to complete the look.

3)      Place Beautiful Woven Rugs

Moroccan rugs are infamous for their beautiful patterns and high quality. These luxurious rugs with intricate designs were traditionally used to completely cover house floors. You can recreate the Mediterranean vibe in your homes, by incorporating rugs with geometric patterns and vibrant colors. The right placement can bring together all Moroccan design concepts in perfect harmony. For a simple yet elegant look, you can go for the monochromatic Beni Ourain rugs or for that pop of color you can opt for  Boucherouite rugs that are known for their vivid hues.


4)      Install Exotic Lighting

At the center of a Moroccan makeover lies the magic of lighting. Characteristic dim lighting can be created by pendants and lamps made using wood, glass, and metal. You can go for chandeliers made of iron accents and jewel tones or you can opt for one of the most notable essentials of Moroccan design – lanterns! Lanterns add an exquisite touch when hung in living or dining rooms, but by adding uneven fixtures on your dining room ceiling, you can jazz up the space and achieve a fun, modern look for the room.

5)      Work with Luxurious Fabrics and Textures

The use of rich fabric is at the very core of Moroccan design and décor. Throw in some bright pillows and plush cushions on to your sofas and do not hesitate to fill the room with layers and patterns if you are going for a total Moroccan transformation. Drapes can also be incorporated to give your apartment a more ornate look. Take inspiration from the market places in Morocco and bring in colorful textiles as throws, room dividers or furniture protectors to achieve that lavish look. Adding vivid sheer silk over sofas or in dining areas can add an element that is reminiscent of bazaar tents in the Saharan desert.

6)      Bring in Moroccan Accessories

You can bring it all together by adding some accessories for the finishing touches. Large-sized mirrors that help subtly reflect light can help accentuate the Moroccan ambiance. Place some large potted plants such as papyrus and banana trees to recreate the oasis-like vibe which is true to a Moroccan home. Additionally, colorful wall decorations, mugs, and metal accessories can fine-tune any space to make it look like a piece of Moroccan art.


Since Moroccan interior design draws heavily from both Eastern and European cultures and style, it is never restricted to one theme as is seen through varied designs and use of textures and elements. Both cultures intertwine to create an exotic blend of possibilities that can help bring the vibrancy of Morocco to any apartment space.

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