How to Make Money Outsourcing



Ways to make money as a student – probably one of the most requested search results on Google. I have been questioning myself with this for a long time as well; however, I need to state that there are a lot of options for you to get that extra income. That is why I have decided to compile a list of ways to make money outsourcing, so it would help you out in finding your own niche.

Personal Assistance

First of all, I would like to begin with that one thing that personal assistants are a thing among entrepreneurs. This sort of outsourced job is rather straightforward – you handle phone calls, schedules, e-mails, and other administrative stuff. This way, an entrepreneur can focus on the development of the company while leaving all the small talk and paperwork to you.

Tax Preparation

I could write a whole college research paper on why basic educational institutions do not teach about tax calculation, but we have to deal with it. That’s why tax preparers are actually a thing among people that want to engage in outsourcing. This is one of the ways to make money outsourcing for those students that are usually working with numbers such as economists, financial specialists, and managers. That’s why this kind of work can be beneficial for you in the future because it provides that experience, which is so much loved by employers today.

Programming and Design

The next entry on the list is more or less narrowly specialized. I mean web programmers and designers. If you’re a student engaged in this kind of activity or an enthusiast, I advise you to try yourself in this way to make money outsourcing. The reason is rather simple – the industry is on the rise. Everyone wants to have a commercial website, advertising webpage, or some interactive platform. That’s where you can easily find your niche while building that sweet-sweet work experience and portfolio.

Computer Sciences

Another narrow specialization is being a computer professional. Outsourcing these kinds of duties is a to-go among the IT students. Needless to say, these guys could easily help me write my research paper about the benefits of working in IT. The potential is unmeasurable as both the large corporations and ambitious start-ups are constantly hiring programmers and outsourcing this kind of activity. Just take advantage of it!

Become an Academic Writer

You can also work as an academic writer! The job itself is rather simple – you receive orders, write a research paper. In terms of making a profit, working as an academic writer is a rather stable source of income, and there are a lot of agencies such as, for example, willing to hire aspiring writers such as . Studying in college is an exhausting task for anyone. That’s why, if you’re able to cover your load effectively and provide others with tips, being an academic writer is an effective way to make some cash while outsourcing. Even more, you have to remember that you are advancing your own skills while helping others and earning money. That’s why you can also learn how to write the best research paper.

Drawing and Sketching

If you’re rather creative than a mathematical type, there are a lot of opportunities as well. For example, I could write my research paper about how to use the drawing talent and skills to the fullest. To be more specific, you can work as a freelance sketcher, artist, and designer. A wide variety of platforms such as DeviantArt, Instagram, and other websites that specialize in art commissions can help you out. The possibilities of this area are very rich as people want sketches of their tabletop RPG characters, Kickstarter games artworks, and other things.

Human Resources

The next promising outsourcing area is human resources. Start-ups and relatively young companies are usually in a dire need of experienced or prospective human resources managers. That’s why outsourcing human resources have the same motivation as with personal assistants. Entrepreneurs can ease their schedule to focus on business while handling you other critical tasks. This is a highly important job because it can become a difference between a success or a failure of a young enterprise. The value of outsourcing may be downgraded, but it’s actually very high, especially among start-ups and small businesses.

Call Center Representative

Yet another popular outsourcing job is being a call center representative. Working as a customer service call center employee is a good way to support yourself as a student. Usually, this type of work doesn’t take a lot of time, the schedules are flexible, and you can often work from home! Employing call center representatives on the basis of outsourcing is a common practice among all the global corporations, which means that it’s not too hard to find a job!


There are loads of different ways to make money outsourcing. Being a student doesn’t mean that you have to be poor and desperate, it means that you have to search for opportunities to get those sweet-sweet college years. Whether it is working as a personal assistant, tax preparer, web programmer, designer, computer specialist, sketcher, artist, human resources manager, call center representative, or academic writer, you can make money and gain working experience. There are numerous opportunities, but I compiled a list of those that are in the list of the most requested ones among outsourcers. Remember that there are several rules: how you present yourself, what do you present, and what can you bring to the potential employer as an exceptional trait that no one other possesses. This way, you will be able to find a job as a freelancer, good luck!

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