6 Great Gift Ideas for Crafty Kids

There’s no denying that buying presents for your kids can be challenging. You’re not only trying to get them a gift that they like, but something they will actually use and enjoy. So while you may have a general idea of their interests, it can be quite a broad area.

If you’re stuck and can’t find anything. Keep on reading!

Below we are going to take a look at six great gifts for crafty kids.

3D Printing Pen

Does your little one wish that some of their drawings could come to life? Now it’s possible with a 3D pen. This unique technology allows you to create your own structures and designs by physically drawing them into thin air. There are models for kids aged between 6-13 and more advanced options too. Trust us when we say they will love you for it.

Tie-Dye Kit

Tie-dying is another fun and easy DIY project that your crafty kid will love. They can create their own unique t-shirts, shorts, socks, and even sneakers with one kit! Just be prepared that this can get a little messy, and you’ll need to follow the instructions carefully so that the color stays as vivid as possible. They will definitely need an extra set of hands for assistance.

Crafty Subscription Box

Want to get a gift that keeps on giving? Why not consider signing your child up for a crafty subscription box. They will get to discover new items each month, and it’s always something to look forward to.

The best part is, there are so many different options to choose from. Check out this sticker club, for example. You can get a wide range of exclusive stickers sent straight to your doorstep.


Sewing Machine

If your child has a passion for fashion, another great gift idea is to get them their own sewing machine. A variety of mini children’s ones are on the market and allow them to learn the basics while creating unique designs. Again, parental supervision is often advised, but take it as an opportunity to spend some quality time together. You never know; they might grow up to become a famous designer one day.


Scrapbook Supplies

While nowadays, phones are used to hold and store all of our photos, scrapbooking can actually be a wonderful gift idea for your child. Not only does it require a lot of crafting (which they will love), but they also get to keep and look back at all of their memories later on in life. It’s both a thoughtful and fun gift.


Jewelry Kit 

Finally, last on the list, another gift your crafty kid might like is their own jewelry-making kit. From creating their own rings and bracelets to necklaces and earrings, there are so many possibilities. Start off with a beginner kit, or choose your own beads and supplies. If you find that they enjoy it, they may even think about opening up their own little business and selling their designs.