Hiroki Takeda’s Special Watercolor Style is Like Heaven on Paper

Hiroki Takeda is an artist who specializes in watercolor painting and who perfectly depicts animals in realistic 3D, yet still in their full cuteness. His animals are composed of floral motifs, like a heavenly sight made out of gentle hues. His style is immediately recognizable, and you can find out more about him and his work via TRiCERA (global art marketplace). TRiCERA makes sure that you get original paintings from artists overseas, in this case, Japan. Flowers as motifs came as a deep love from childhood as Takeda’s mother loved flowers and greenery very much, making their surroundings ravishing with floral presence. “When I was looking at pictures of animals, the flow of their hair looked like leaves, and the scales of iguanas looked like a collection of flowers,” Takeda Explained. “At that time, I felt that there might be some unique expression that I can apply to my paintings.” Using the same colors and brushes, the amount of detail and skill required to manipulate watercolor like this is out of this world, but as Takeda says, the patience, it’s all worth it. It takes him around 5 hours to finish a painting on the A4 format paper. All he ever thinks is that he’s never satisfied, that he must keep on evolving as an artist to become closer to the artistic vision he has in mind. Incredible and never-ending chaser of perfection!

More info: Hiroki Takeda

Photo credits: Hiorki Takeda