Stay At Home! 16 Extremely Easy DIY Projects For Kids

Rainy, sunny or quarantine… When you’re stuck at home with the kids and have nothing to do, never feel depressed as there are many easy and entertaining projects that will keep your kids occupied for hours. Here, we’ve got your recipe for happy kids. Just grab some crayons, a glue, scissors and some other craft materials then you are ready to start the work. You can even include some everyday items that you can find at home like a cardboard, old magazines, containers, etc. Imagination and an ordinary sheet of newspaper can morph into a pretty snail or a cardbox can be the start of tons of different projects like a parking area for toy cars. You can download free printable cutouts to make a friendly “send a hug” card with your preschooler. Even tiny hands can plant some seeds into small plastic containers and learn about recycling while making this entertaining project. Just to give you some inspiration to get the ideas flowing, we rounded up this gallery of 16 extremely easy projects for kids. Scroll down and pick one or more of them to try today with your kids.

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