Stay at Home and Bake! 29 Quarantine Themed Cookie Ideas

We are all going through the corona virus pandemic and need to stay at home to protect ourselves and others as well. All schools are closed and millions of kids are forced to be indoors and parents asking the question: What should I do with my kids all day? While this is the case, we decided to roll out our ideas to help you. Today’s post is on homemade cookies which came to our mind immediately while hanging around the kitchen and looking for some snack. Baking cookies means the most entertaining family time activity for most of us and to double the fun you can decorate your cookies in pandemic style. You can give information about this case and talk about precautions to take while you are making the cookies with your kids, besides deciding on the patterns to adorn your cookies. Cookies with messages such as “Wash your hands” or “Don’t touch your face” are very popular among the virus, toilet paper and soap shaped ones. Some baking talents have already prepared boxes of decorated cookies to cheer up doctors and nurses in their neighbourhood. It is also a good idea to share some with old neighbours or other children around, don’t you think? We need unity more than ever while still keeping the social distance. Below you can see some creative examples for decorating your pandemic cookies. Hope they help you have fun with your family.

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