22 Creatively Upcycled Bed Headboard Design Ideas

Imagining an object as something else and redesigning it to turn into a fresh new item is an extremely imaginative process which maybe the most entertaining diy adventures of all. Upcycling projects fall into this category which offer a new life to all old and even broken furniture at home. Old wooden doors, windows, wardrobe, folding dressing screen, all are suitable for transforming into headboards, which adds a unique charm to your bedroom. You can get an old door and clean, paint and restyle it and then mount it to your bed for a barn-inspired touch to your sleeping place. Folding dressing screens and room dividers are rustic style pieces that go perfect with vintage style bedrooms. If you have none of them, you can find a pallet, which is an easy to find, low-cost diy material can be turned into anything you want. You can even turn an old wardrobe into a headboard which provides extra storage for your books and other stuff like your night cream. If you consider such a change for your own place, you must see these amazing upcycled headboard design ideas in order to get the inspiration you need.

Mosaic board with wood tiles

Instagram: bedfully

Converted Room divider

Instagram: bit_desiriented

Folding Dressing Screen

Instagram: bydesigntime

Headboards designed with Old Pallets

Instagram: donnieapple

Old Curtain as Headboard

Instagram: faffingathome

Old Doors

Instagram: fieldcrestdream
Instagram: graceoaksdesigns

Wardrobe as Headboard

Instagram: gradbloomington
Instagram: hellodreamhouse
Instagram: hemlockandheather
Instagram: homerightps
Instagram: interioryvonne

Barn Style Door

Instagram: jj_decor
Instagram: leobardo_faz
Instagram: mytimberwall
Instagram: savagemommyinteriors
Instagram: solveig_studio
Instagram: stylingtinyliving

Old Headboard turned into Blackboard

Instagram: sweet_tea_studio
Instagram: davidwardstickart

Old Door as Headboard with Matching Frames

Instagram: kutuzovatvorit

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