22 Brilliant Ideas for Window Seats with Different Cushions

Who doesn’t like a cozy reading nook at home? A window seat is one of the things that makes a home, “a home”. It gives you the comfort you need after a tiring work-day. Decorated with many different cushions, this specially designed seat is perfect for enjoying your cup of tea and reading a little before your afternoon nap. It is possible to set various moods by selecting different fabric, material, colour and cushion style for your window seat. You can dress it depending on your taste then change it easily whenever you get bored. Patterned or plain, floral or flannel, all types and designs make perfect corner to escape from other family members and take some time alone. No matter what your choice is, you’ll surely enjoy laying there peacefully and gazing at the sky and the landscape. All in all, we combed Instagram and collected the best ideas for the ones who want to design and create such a place at their home.

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