Fabulous Floral Art by Katharina Allenberg

Berlin, Germany based Katharina Allenberg is a botanical artist who creates fabulous pictures with real flowers and other natural materials. She studied photography and worked as a freelance art photographer mostly in black and white and always experimental. After she set up a family, she spent more time in nature and got inspired by everything that surrounds her. In our online interview with her, she says “I was more and more impressed by all the colourful treasures I found in nature. I started to experiment and colored old vintage black and white photos with fresh petals to give them a new life.” She also adds “Found out that is a real meditative process to create something new just with some natural founds. I started to illustrate the favorite animals of my kids just with petals and printed them as wall decor for their nursery. I also create little magical scenes inspired by Mother Nature and my two little kids.” We also asked her about how she makes these floral compositions and she told us “I never use glue or tape to fix my artworks. The only „fixation” is the final photo when I finished my illustration. I think the final photo is almost the most important step in the whole process to conserve my ephemeral art because after some hours all the fresh flowers are withered and the magic is gone.” She runs her own small business selling her floral art as postcards, prints and calendars, creates custom imagery and does floral logo designs. Currently, she pours her skills to create a children’s book. We are truly humbled by her talent and the extraordinarily beautiful floral pictures she designs and would like to share them with you. Below you can find some of her impressive art pieces and you can follow her on Instagram to stay tuned.

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