12 White Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathrooms are the little workshops that we go to clean up and relax.  Adding maximum functionality to these little spaces is as simple as including a bathroom vanity.

What exactly is a bathroom vanity? It’s not a single item but comprises of the cabinetry, mirror, and sink. Vanities also have specific light fixtures. In this article, we’ll look at 12 white bathroom vanity ideas that will make your bathroom the most relaxing & eye-catching space.

1) Soft grey vs. white

Soft grays like dove gray are good choices for bathroom vanities surrounded by white walls and floors. For one, they create a mild contrast and add more visual interest.

Dove gray also gives you several options when it comes to choosing the countertop. For instance, it will look luxurious paired with white marble quartz stones like Calacatta Nuvo from Caesarstone. It’s still pairs well with an intense white slab that’s softened by having soft gray freckles on its surface.

2) Things are looking more classic

The most desired bathroom vanity style of late has to be the classic style. Other popular options include industrial, but it’s much smaller and might lack enough storage. You can also opt for the modern look with large flat panels.

The farmhouse bathroom vanity bears much resemblance to classic vanities, but the drawers are smaller in width. Farmhouse vanities embrace wood designs as they are mostly medium brown or dark brown.

3) Floating bathroom vanity

A floating vanity is a way to make your white bathroom chic & cool. Plus, it’s great for giving your bathroom more space.

You can shoot for a completely minimalist look by eliminating knobs or handles on your cabinets. Instead have push-to-open drawers. If you have a white countertop and white floors, you can create contrast by painting the cabinets of your floating vanity dark blue, dark grey, or black.

4) Adding a floral wallpaper

Wallpapers that are labeled for use in high-moisture areas will be those made from vinyl. You can also scrub them if they are made with heavy-duty materials. With that out of the way, you can nicely incorporate floral wallpapers in an all-white bathroom. You’ll place them on the wall above your bathroom vanity.

It’s really easy to add lots of colors this way. And replacing them for something more trendy can be done at the snap of your fingers. Again, you don’t want an overpowering wallpaper, but something with lots of white space between its elements. Now, if you’re not into floral patterns, there are a ton of other options. For instance, a classic toile or animal pattern.

5) Giant Round Mirrors for maximum drama

Looking to add drama to your bathroom?  Well, go with a big oval or round mirror. It will serve as a statement piece. And it’s one of our top modern white bathroom vanity ideas. The bigger you can buy the better.

Ditching a normal-rectangular mirror for a round mirror also makes it a decorative addition. With a wide choice of frames, your mirrors can look industrial, modern or vintage when you choose an ornate bronze mirror frame.

For instance, in this design, they went with a round mirror with a black frame that creates high contrast with the white wall tiles. Bigger mirrors also make a room larger. If you have two sinks,  have two round mirrors instead of one.

6) Curved bathroom vanity

Most of the bathroom vanities you’ll come across have sharp square corners. You can take the road less traveled by choosing a vanity with a curved front or edge. What’s more, curved vanities in small bathrooms might free up some valuable space.

7) Double sinks

Have a large bathroom? Well, we all know that bathrooms can get a little busy in a household with several family members. Double bathroom vanities feature two sinks, which is very practical.

8) Open shelving

An emerging trend in bathroom vanity design is using open shelving. The top section of the vanity can have closed drawers. On the bottom part, you can incorporate an open rack that’s handy for stashing rolled towels, stacks of toilet paper, or candles. Not only are you creating an illusion of more space, but the bottom rack is also highly practical and might minimize the time spent rummaging through multiple drawers, searching for your toiletries.

9) 3-light vanity fixtures

The old way involved having two light fixtures side-by-side or a single light over the vanity mirror. A new trend is catching on, and it involves mounting a 3-light vanity fixture over the mirror.

There are three bulbs connected by one horizontal arm. For a contemporary look, you can go with wine glass-shaped shades. The 3-light fixture can also have a rustic, mid-century, glam, or industrial style.

10) Vessel Sinks

Are vessel sinks still a hit? The design trend emerged in the late 2000s, and it’s still hot. You can now get a wide range of designs. For instance, instead of an all-white vessel sink (pictured above), you can choose one made from art deco glass.

It’s going to be a statement piece that catches the eye instantly. One thing to know before going with vessel sinks is that people have complained that they drain water slowly. But it’s a flaw that can be fixed.

11) Be more dramatic with black faucets

Looking for black and white bathroom vanity ideas? Here is an idea for you; a matte black faucet, white vessel sink, black Brummett 3-light fixture, and a round mirror with a black bezel. In fact, black faucets are currently trending. Designers are choosing them over brass or stainless steel faucets. You’ll end up with a modern bathroom, but they will also pair well with rustic or classic vanities.

12) Mini black chandelier

A chandelier in a bathroom? Yes, choose mini chandeliers for a luxe look. You can have a contemporary chandelier with up to three bulbs or get artistic with a glass raindrop chandelier. If you choose an industrial bathroom vanity, you can pair it with a black traditional mini chandelier.

Final Take

Incorporate these ideas and you’ll have an all-white bathroom that’s interesting and dynamic. The top tips and key takeaways include having giant round mirrors, floating the bathroom vanity, incorporating a mini chandelier, opting for black faucets, and using soft grey in conjunction with white.

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