23 Cozy and Chic Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing and decorating small kitchens can be problematic. You cannot have big furniture or place loads of things and you will need as much storage as possible. Considering all these and many other factors, there are still various ways to create your own cozy and chic place for cooking and dining with your family. First of all, you need to choose the necessary furniture wisely. For example, a small nook just beneath the window or another suitable place with two drawers can be a good start. You can have two foldable chairs that you can use while having family dinner. Then you can look for a kitchen table which also has small drawers and can be used for island as well to prepare your food. Placing extra shelves on the wall is also a smart way for making the most out of this tiny area. About the colour pallette to prefer, crisp tones always work for such narrow places to make it look more airy. Adding some flashy details is a trendy trick which gives the place a surprising touch so you can consider adding some bright colours to specific points that you choose. You see, having a small kitchen doesn’t need to be that disadvantegous, if you design and decorate it according to smart tips and tricks. Here you can find some useful photo-ideas to help you during this journey. Don’t forget to check Reborn Renovations for more design ideas.

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