Zoë has an Adorable Heart-Shaped Mark on Her Chest Which Makes Her a “Queen of Hearts”

Meet Zoë, an adorable kitten who simply charmed a couple into adopting her. One day, a couple came to adopt Zoë’s sister, Izzy, but when they saw both of them there, they simply couldn’t separate them, so the couple decided to adopt them both and since then, Zoë and Izzy are inseparable. These two British Shorthair mixes are absolutely adorable and rather popular on Instagram. However, because of her heart-shaped mark on her chest, we have to say that Zoë is a little bit more popular than Izzy. But, it’s not a competition, these two are a perfect team! If you like “The Fluff” and her sister Izzy, make sure to follow them on Instagram here.

Look at that heart!

“The Fluff” has beautiful yellow eyes.


Look at that stare!

She wishes you happy holidays.

Too cute.

via (boredpanda)

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