Imaginative Photographer Combines Her Self-Portaits with Mirror Images

Independent Photographer Ziqian Liu was born in 1990 in China, graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 2015, started photography in 2018, based in Shanghai. She works on her self-portraits only and combines her body, plants, and mirror images, constantly exploring the balanced state of peaceful relation between humans and nature. In terms of visual presentation, she is enthusiastic about creating quiet images with a sense of rigor and order. She intentionally almost never shows her face because she wants the viewer to imagine that the body in the picture can be anyone. Different viewers will have different perceptions of her works, which is what she finds most interesting and exciting about photography. In her work, the image in the mirror represents the idealized world she wishes to live in, and the integration with the outside is just a reminder to respect and recognize the imbalance in the real world, but also to adhere to the order and principles of our hearts. One reason she chooses self-portrait is because it is the best way for her to communicate with herself and to get to know herself better. The other reason is that she wishes to slow down time, to integrate herself with the things around her, to discover and observe their changes, which is why flowers and fruits became derivative parts of her body in her works. Nowadays, the pace of people’s life is getting faster and faster, and the surrounding environment is always very noisy, so it is easy to ignore the small details around and the true feelings in the heart. In her opinion, fusion is acceptance. To be able to perceive and recognize the subtle changes in things around us is to accept the new self. She is one of the most interesting photographer that we’ve met until now, both for her style and for her philosophy which is reflected through her images perfectly.