Tiny Paper Flowers with Delicate Details by Raya Sader Bujana

Who is Raya Sader Bujana?

Raya Sader Bujana, aka Little Ray of Sunflower, is a Barcelona-based Lebanese/ Venezuelan artist, art director, and set designer. She is the creative behind these extremely pretty tiny paper flowers.

What Does She Create?

She defines her work as something between illustration and sculpture, with a strong focus on details and care at the heart of it all.

“My background in architecture comes through in my visual approach to composition, use of color, texture, volume, light, and sometimes subject matter.

Among my selected projects you will find commercial and editorial work as well as a selection of personal projects.” she says.

She has released many interesting series until now each of which is shared all over the web & social media.

Previously, she worked on food themes and also created paper versions of other everyday objects, and nowadays she pours her skills into making tiny paper flowers with delicate details.


“I love playing with volume and I love figuring out how light will interact with a piece.” she captions one of her tiny flowers. She also loves creating her art pieces in detail.

She says; “I love creating as much detail as possible to get as close as I can to reality using this medium. I also create stop-motion videos with a lot of these pieces that you can check out on my Instagram profile.”

Her IG account is full of inspiration for the ones who are interested in papercraft.

Just take a look at our gallery to see her art pieces and visit her Etsy account if you’d like to have some of these incredible pieces for yourself.


Please scroll down to see more of Raya’s beautiful creations.


You can get in contact and connect with Raya to see more of her incredible work HERE.