Your Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without These Four Bags

The concept of bags had first originated with the sole idea to carry belongings. However, after several generations, carrying any item is hardly a criterion now. We have reached a point when an outfit doesn’t look complete without the touch of a bag by your hand.

We have come up with several kinds of bags, and since innovation knows no bounds, every fashion season provides us one more option to choose from. Having said that, it is also true that it is quite difficult for a person to own one of every kind. However, that wouldn’t even be an issue if you have access to the four basic bags.

To ensure that you never feel your attire looks like it’s missing something, we have illustrated the four bags your wardrobe must have.

Shoulder Bag

It is one of the most used bags, yet they continue to amaze you with the wonders they can create. Women’s shoulder bags usually come with a single medium-sized strap that hangs till your midriff. The greatest thing about a shoulder bag is that you can rock it in almost any kind of outfit – it could be casual, it could be dressy, and a shoulder purse would still go with it.

If you are confused about which one to get, take a look at this wonderful collection of Valentino Garavani shoulder bags.


If you were to trace the source of a tote bag, you would unearth that it was originally designed to be used as a sustainable grocery shopping bag. That hasn’t gone out of trend since a lot of people still use a tote bag while shopping for groceries.

A tote is generally unfastened with neither any hook nor any chains, but, on the other hand, it does come with a lot of space which declares it ideal for shopping.

It would go the best with a boho-chic look or if you plan a casual outfit.

Cross Body Bag

A cross body bag embodies the spirit of a shoulder bag. The only features differentiating it from the latter are — it hangs a little longer, till your waist and, as evident from the name, it crosses your body. Though it doesn’t offer as much space like a tote, it happens to be quite convenient. It can keep all your essentials like wallet, phone, car keys, and any other small item in one place.

It qualifies as a casual outfit accessory, but you can also carry it along with a semi-formal one sometimes.

Bucket Bag

A bucket bag is perfect for an occasion where you need to carry stuff but also have to maintain a great look. Stuff it all in your bucket bag, and you are good to go.

Bucket bags are great for a semi-casual as well as semi-formal outfit.

Are you going to get a couple of drinks with your friends? Bucket bag, it is.

You are going to a fundraiser and need to fit in a lot of documents? Bucket bag to the rescue, once again.