Bewitching Children Photography Through Victoria Gesha’s Lens

Award-winning Russian photographer Victoria Gesha takes her camera in hand and falls in love with nature and the stunning light it provides. She also loves shooting her clients in this beautiful setting, watching them smile and observe their emotions during the session. “It is very important for me to make your photographs beautiful, sincere, sensual, magical. And to make sure that our plans come true, we discuss every detail of the upcoming shooting.” she states on her blog. She says; “What to do? We all learn, we are inspired by the craft by the example of others. It’s great, and the bicycle has already been invented. Bring postcards, movie frames, old photos, life stories to life. Ideas are so close, you just have to see the light, close your eyes and present the plot. The tape contains the very beginning of a wonderful story, and, in fact, the references that inspired its implementation.” She believes that everyone should create their own style and avoid copying other people’s ideas and she expresses this with one of Austin Cleon sayings; “Don’t steal the style, steal the thinking behind the style. You don’t need to look like your heroes, you need to see the way they see.” No doubt, she creates some of the best examples of children’s photography in her own unique style. Her shots are so dreamy and each of them tell a story. Wanna see some of her captures now? Scroll down and tell us about your opinions.