Spiritual And Psychedelic Animal Tattoos by Gabriel De Souza

Gabriel De Souza, aka Wolf Sloth, is a Singaporean tattoo artist. He was graduated from art college majoring in graphic novel illustration. His visual arts practice is translated in the mediums of illustrations, and tattooing. He has been tattooing and illustrating for the past 8 years now, mostly taking on projects revolving around nature, spiritual, and psychedelic themes in a graphic neo traditional style. Venturing to Europe, USA and Canada to push his art-form, and to also broaden his skills in the craft. We had the chance to got some information about Gabriel via email and he told us that; “I enjoy having fun with my designs in a way that mostly touches on organic flow and textures, heavily inspired by patterns found in nature and the cosmos. Also really enjoy the use of complementary and contrasting colors in my work. I’d love to explore more of this world, as much as I can… To meet, and tattoo everyone who’s interested in collecting something done by me!”. He believes in the saying; “Open the doors to your mind, and you’ll never know what you might find.” which reflects his endless creativity that is transformed into flashes first, then inked on skin flawlessly. His style is bold and bright, covering very detailed designs. He is passionate about drawing animals in an extraordinarily way and he sometimes makes collage of composed pieces. You can see glitchy dissected frog with a pangolin, wolf with a bear’s body, skull-wearing pangolin, panther-stanced armadillo, a farting frog and many more bizarre designs in his portfolio. He mostly inks his own designs both in black and white and colorful on request and depending on your skin tone. He sometimes gives short courses on stylizing animal tattoos and always look for more fun and weird projects. He has an amazing feed on Instagram which showcases the most extraordinary designs of tattoo-world. Here you can see just some of them.