A Kitten with Crossed Eyes Looks Extremely Worried and Cute at the Same Time

We’ve all used to seeing beautiful and cute animals all over the internet. Most of those animals are perfect and flawless, but not all animals in the world are like that. A lot of them are born different. Courtney, an employee of  San Diego Humane Society met a little bit different kitten. This adorable cat named Bum was born with its eyes completely crossed. Because of his condition, this little fella looks extremely worried all the time.  “He is almost as goofy and silly as he looks, but SO SO smart and bright”, says Courtney. She also says that this adorable little buddy is incredibly shy, but once he gets comfortable around new people and animals, he becomes very friendly and cuddly. Look at these adorable photos of this special little guy here below.


A handsome kitten.

via (mymodernmet)

Adorable fella.


He may be different, but he’s still cute.


He looks so worried all the time.

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