Beautiful Wood-Dominant Detached House Interior in Thailand

Bangkok-based architectural/landscape photographer Poompat Waratkiachthana has a wish to explore all sorts of architectural designs and this wood dominating detached house interior has caught his attention. It is a beautiful open interior with a lot of space free space, huge windows giving rooms plenty of natural lighting designed by N7A Architects. The rooms on the first floor are all connected without doors and kitchen is cleverly hidden like it almost doesn’t exist. The painting studio and two bedrooms are set on the upper floor and they are as well as entire house done in bright wooden floors and harmonizing bright hues are used for the walls giving the home lovely warm family atmosphere. And no house is a home without its pet, and this lucky house pet has his own roof above his sanctuary.

Big windows providing natural lighting.

The kitchen is well hidden and perfectly blended.

Wooden floor, table, and chairs.

Guests are very welcome in this home.

Beautiful bed wall.

Painting studio on the upper floor.

Unique pet sanctuary.

Harmony of colors.

Kid’s bedroom.

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