Erika Captures Little Girls Enjoying the Wild and Relentless Beauty of Nature

Over the years, due to this modern lifestyle we’re having, humans have forgotten how to be one with nature and that is unforgivable. This is exactly why a talented photographer from Florida, Erika Masterson, decided to create a series of photos called Parts of the Earth which celebrates the beauty of our beloved Earth, nature, and childhood. She uses film to create these vintage-looking photographs. “I love film and the luminous quality it has, and I wanted to show all the beautiful details of the animals and the eyes of the girls,” says Erika. In her photos, she managed to combine the relentless beauty of wild beast and the pure innocence of children. Truly inspirational.


Truly powerful!

His majesty the king!


Being one with nature!


Simply stunning!

Taming the wild beasts.

The hug.

The big cat.


Erika makes some strong points!

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