Why You Need A Private IP Address

Before finding out why you need a private address, you may want to know what an IP address is. An IP address, also known as Internet Protocol address is a numerical label that identifies each sender or receiver of information that is sent across the internet. In other words, your IP address is your address on the internet.

Here are some of the reasons you may consider keeping your IP address private:

1. It reveals your physical address

Yes, since your IP address is gotten from the nearest network router to you, it can reveal your physical address and it is very easy to do. A simple search of your IP address’ location can reveal your physical location to anyone on the internet.

What this means is that anyone on the other end of the server of the site you are visiting can locate you. This may not be very safe as someone can easily use this information for something unscrupulous.

2. Limited Access to Geographically Restricted sites.

Some websites restrict their content availability to certain countries. Since one’s physical address can be found by knowing their IP address, they can block one’s access by preventing access from certain IP addresses.

This can be frustrating especially if you need the site’s content for something important like research. It can also be pretty annoying if you are out on vacation to a place with such restrictions and cannot access your favourite sites.

3. To Prevent Website Tracking

When you visit a website or webpage, the server hosting the site tracks your activity. They do so using cookies which store information on your activities even after you have left the site. The information collected is often used to help them serve you better but can be sometimes used for other dishonest things.

Some companies use information like your location and online activities to raise prices on their goods and services. Keeping your IP address private can prevent this. This also works for keeping your information private from your internet service provider who also like to keep track of your online activities.

4. Evading Censorship

Freedom of speech is stifled in some countries and the citizens are not allowed to access some otherwise harmless parts of the internet. Keeping your IP private while surfing the net can help you get past such restrictions. It can also help you avoid being tracked by the authorities in such places.

Most schools, libraries and businesses have networks that offer limited access to the internet which may be uncomfortable especially in situations where you really need to get some information from a blocked website. Changing your IP address from a public to a private one can help you circumvent such problems.

VPNs are the best option if you are looking to keep your IP address private. They work by hiding your IP address and giving you another one in a different location of your choice thereby keeping your information private. You can get one at softfamous or any other similar site.

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