Why Partner with Expo Marketing?

Scaling the economic space of Orange County and the venture-capitalist-littered Silicon Valley is not an easy fete. However, ExpoMarketing has managed to maintain an exceptional growth as a tradeshow design company. The company has been in existence since January 1991; no wonder its excellence as an industrial leader. As a premiere company, ExpoMarketing Group has clinched many coveted awards.

Why Partner with Expo Marketing?

Having gathered experience in the exhibit design space, ExpoMarketing has worked with many brands, both big and small; experienced and inexperienced. Regardless of your industry; whether in fashion, healthcare, security etc., we have professional staffs whose prowess in design fabrication supersede consumer expectations.

We highly regard customer satisfaction. That’s the reason our team readily consults you about your brand’s needs and wants for the end-product to be at par with your preference. A lot goes into a tradeshow booth creation process: design, lighting, graphics, lighting, furniture and sound system. The company boasts of creative design professionals who can engineer top-tier tradeshow displays using high-tech equipment.

ExpoMarketing does more than just producing compelling tradeshow booths. We are always committed to walk with you through all the processes involved in making your expo a success. The exhibit booth designer has a friendly working environment that upholds teamwork. That said, you can rest assured the personnel assigned to your task will work collectively in the bid to help you reach your business objectives. Whether you meet any challenges on the way or unforeseen issues occur on the floor, our team is more than glad to help.

Our Business Exhibition Services

Undertaking a tradeshow project single-handedly can present frustrations, especially if your brand is at its budding stage. An experienced exhibit booth company can alleviate the hassle. If you’ve had hands-on in the process, there are some benefits of working with a reliable firm that offers valuable services. Here are our service catalog.

Booth Design

The designing process of a trade-expo booth revolves around several factors. One needs to integrally set the furniture, design, demo section, accessories and other accentuating features. Your major drive to attend a business exhibition is to create brand awareness, network with other brands and introduce your products. Our knack of delivering satisfactory booths lies in our collaboration. We are always looking for solutions to emerging problems, and we are glad to take on your unique project.

Project Administration

ExpoMarketing’s employees are empowered to tackle your project management task; thanks to our many years of experience in expanding top-notch tradeshow booths. We’ll deal with every detail in every step in the process. That includes completing the registration procedure, filling any forms, logistics as well as the labor involved in setting up your business booth.

Booth Customization

Perhaps you’re in search of a totally unique exhibition booth or just need to add a few custom features; whatever you need, we can design an attractive tradeshow display without you having to break the bank. Only quality materials are utilized during fabrication. Combine that with our team’s keen eye for detail and you get unrivaled custom display that exudes experience and tell your business story.

Floor Staging

When you come to us, you already have an imagination of how your booth will appear on the exhibition floor. We consider your business our priority. It is why we are mandated to help set up the booth and reproduce the design you choose. Moreover, we offer our clients to visit our offices and take a first-hand look at the designs, before creation.

In-Show Assistance

We expend this service to clients who’d relish some supervision with on the showroom floor. Our goal is to alleviate any burden on your shoulder so you can embark on meeting your objectives. Our supervision team will oversee every process; from booth assembly to dealing with issues such as rigging and electrical surges.

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