Why Emeralds Make the Perfect Gift: A Shade for Every Skin Tone

From ancient times to the present day, emeralds have always been highly prized throughout the world. The gemstones have been used in jewelry for centuries, and they are just as popular today as they have ever been. There’s no doubt about it; emeralds make the perfect gift. Here is a look at why that is the case.

Green Emeralds Compliment Everyone

Due to their unique, spellbinding green color and relative rarity, emeralds have a history of being sought-after gems. The precious stones belong to the family of beryl, crystals of beryllium aluminum silicate colored by various elements. Traces of chromium cause the seductive green color while the gemstone is forming.

The distinctive greenness of emeralds is just one thing that makes them the perfect gift. Green is well known to suit a wide variety of skin tones, so whether your loved one has a lighter or darker complexion, a piece of jewelry containing an emerald will undoubtedly complement their appearance. Bear in mind that the color of emeralds varies from stone to stone. When the color is too dark, the gemstone will not shine, but it will not look like an emerald at all if it is too light. However, the variety of colors enables you to select one that is just right for your recipient. Some emeralds even have bluish tints.

Emeralds Are Versatile

It is not only the color of emeralds that is versatile. They are also versatile as pieces of jewelry because they can be combined with either cool or warm metals. You will find a variety of jewelry pieces containing the green stones, including pendants, brooches, and rings. If you are looking for the latter, check out this exciting range of emerald rings for women. All of the ones featured are natural emerald rings of the highest AAAA quality.

The exact type of jewelry piece you choose for your loved one could depend on your relationship. For example, vintage emerald rings and earrings are often given as romantic gifts, while items like bracelets and brooches are more suited to your sister, mother, or close friend.

Both New and Old Pieces of Emerald Jewelry Make Fine Gifts

Because emeralds have been used in jewelry for centuries, you will find pieces of jewelry of all kinds of styles. That means you can find your loved one an item that truly reflects their tastes. You can buy antique pieces, art deco pieces, or modern pieces.

Emeralds Have Many Meanings

Emerald is the birthstone for May, so the stone is associated with spring. If you have a loved one who was born in May, an emerald makes an ideal gift. But with Christmas being associated with the greenness of holly and Christmas trees, you do not have to wait until springtime to give a loved one a piece of emerald jewelry.

Emeralds are also traditionally used in engagement rings and eternity rings because emeralds signify love. The gemstones are associated with the Roman goddess Venus who symbolizes love, fertility, and victory. So, whatever the occasion, emeralds make a perfect gift to show your recipient just how much you love them.

Emeralds Are Simply Beautiful

Above every other reason why emeralds make the perfect gift is the fact that they are stunningly beautiful. Anyone who receives the green-shaded precious stone is sure to be bowled over by its natural aesthetics. Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks all held emeralds in high esteem because of their beauty, and that beauty has unquestionably lasted throughout the ages.