Why Do-it-Yourself Designer T-Shirts are a Great Idea

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to showcase their talents and many have taken to the Internet in order to gain a loyal following as well as to enjoy the possibility of branching out into other areas of design.  While there are many great ideas on the open market, have you ever considered designing custom-made shirtsfrom the comfort of your own home?  The good news is that this is now more of a possibility than ever before thanks to amazing digital mock-ups as well as familiar tools such as Adobe Photoshop.  What are some of the reasons why budding artists are choosing this alternative and are there any ancillary advantages to be experienced?  Let’s take a closer look at the answers to both of these questions.

The Possibilities are Nearly Limitless

One of the most important windfalls of designing your own clothing graphics is that there is nothing to hold you back.  Whether you are looking to create funny shirts or you wish to embed images of your favorite film characters, the digital sky is the limit.  Imagination is therefore key to success (although every artist is already aware of this fact).

However, you can now take your skills to the next level thanks to advanced design software packages such as Adobe Photoshop.  This system will employ a certain type of format known as a “PSD” image when creating your design.  Without getting into overly technical details, this image can then be transferred directly to a shirt.  In fact, it is even possible to use digital mock-ups so that potential customers can learn exactly how the image will display on the shirt.  This provides an additional sense of realism and as a result, more individuals will be interested in what you have to offer.

While you might be considering this alternative as a hobby, there is no doubt that it can also generate a significant source of income if you know where to begin. T-shirts have always been extremely popular retail sales items due to the fact that they are cheap to produce and that catchy designs will begin to turn heads.  This word of mouth could lead to increased sales and you might be surprised to learn that some artists have even turned this part-time hobby into a full-time profession.  So, how can you begin and are there any rules to keep in mind in advance?

Stimulating Your Talents as Well as Your Bank Account

One of the stumbling blocks that some graphic designers will face is the ability to find a balance between what personally appeals to them and what will appear as a must-have item to the audience.  In other words, we need to keep up with the modern trends if we ever hope to create a t-shirt that will sell.  This is why it is better to keep things simple at the beginning.  A bit of research can go a long way in this respect.   Take a look at some of the most popular items on larger sites such as Amazon and eBay?  What traits do they all share in common?  Are they humorous, eye-catching or simply out of the ordinary?  It is likely that you will be able to find such commonalities with a bit of effort and insight.

Assuming that you have found a few designs that you wish to create a market, what is the next step?  Besides downloading basic graphic bundles such as Photoshop (or other third-party software), you need to take into account the world of e-commerce.  However, do not immediately shy away from this concept; it is not nearly as complicated as you might have originally imagined.  This is due in no small part to the presence of advanced retail software packages that can be downloaded in no time at all.  The main takeaway point here is that you need to choose a system that caters to the needs of the individual user and that is easy to work with.  After all, the last thing that an artist wants to do is to spend an inordinate amount of time on developing an e-commerce site only to sacrifice their creativity and time.

Your main intention should then be to find a niche market as opposed to advertising to as large of an audience as possible.  niche customers are more likely to respond positively to what it is that you have to offer, so begin by speaking to friends and social medic contacts.  If they like what you have to offer, word of mouth will quickly spread.  You can also leverage the power of other visually oriented platforms such as Instagramand Twitter in order to gain a larger audience over time. Designing t-shirts can be a great idea and with a bit of effort, your initial concept could prove to be a winner.

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