When to Hire a Pro

Does a good-looking yard make you do a double take? Well, the truth is that people are turning heads to see your yard as well. It’s one of the first thing people notice when they see your home, so putting effort into its care and maintenance is well worth the effort.

A yard also plays a huge role in selling a house. If you are about to put it on the market, consider bringing your yard up to shape to help you get the best deal possible.

Maybe you’ve done the yardwork yourself, but it’s time to consider hiring a pro.


Here are the signs that will show when it’s a good investment to call a lawn care expert.

  • When you barely have enough time to take care of yourself let alone a yard

If your yard is causing more anxiety and stress, than relaxation and enjoyment, it’s time to make a change.  If your schedule is full from work, school, family or hobbies, your yard may be getting neglected. Instead, hire a lawn care professional who will do the job for you and take that stress away, leaving you to spend any free time you get on enjoying your lawn rather than working on it.

  • When the grass isn’t green and the plants aren’t thriving

Taking care of a lawn requires sweat, elbow grease, tools and the skills to use them. Not only do you need to understand which chemicals to use, you also need to have the right equipment for the job. Lawn care providers like TruGreen can do everything from analyzing the soil to aerating it and much, much more.

  • When you don’t feel confident about using the tools

Unfortunately, accidents with mowers and weed whackers are pretty common. Mowing are dangerous as they can sometimes throw things like rocks or rusty nails into the air to hit cars, houses and even hurt people. It’s a wise choice to hire professional lawn care experts who know how to protect themselves from physical harm and has insurance to cover potential damages.

4) When amount of money you invest in chemicals and equipment surpasses the cost of a lawn care professional

Buying the products and equipment necessary for proper lawn care can add up. Hiring a professional may be easier on your budget since they know exactly what they should use, they can buy in bulk and pass on the discount, and they have all the necessary machinery for the job.

  • When your yard is too far gone and needs an extensive reboot

Some lawns are in worse shape than others. If your lawn is more brown than green, has bald spots or is full of weeds, it’s wise to hire a pro to get it to a point where you can take it over. Maybe you enjoy lawn maintenance, but you just don’t know what it needs. Hire a lawncare pro to teach you what your specific lawn needs to grow and thrive and once it’s in good shape, feel free to take over the reins.