Artist Displays Her Impressive Watercolor Sketchbook

Fine art artist Lena Sen is the talent behind these impressive watercolour paintings. She discovered that she could draw using watercolour at the age of 34. She looked at the abstract spots and fills on the tumbler and thought; “What will happen if these spots also give shape.” It seemed very interesting for her and she started practicing almost everyday. At first, there were lots of try and fail moments until she got to know the brushes, colours and every detail about painting. It took three years of endless gambling, fear, delight, despair and love, and she is finally here. She says; “It never occurred to me that you can learn to draw normally, it seemed to me that this is too difficult for me, because I am a typical humanist, and drawing like mathematics is given only to clever people who can keep in their head a bunch of complex laws.” also adding that; “Fine art is a practice that is absorbed into us gradually, we gain experience and take a fresh look at its laws, there is absolutely no need to rush here.” Lena arranges online courses for the ones who are interested in watercolour painting and sketch. In her courses, Lena and her trainees focus on revealing an individual artistic vision, independence and searching for plots of interest to the author that evoke a lively response, they learn to express themselves and their unique perception, to seek and disclose their values ​​and idea of ​​beauty. Here we showcase some of her impressive watercolor drawings. Enjoy!