What to Wear in Florida: A Style Guide for Travelers

If you are traveling to Florida, you may be wondering what clothes you should wear. Click here to learn what to wear in Florida.

What are you afraid of? Travelling is fun and exciting, yet it can be scary too. Fear of the unknown, and fear of having a bad experience, both made the list of the top reasons people are afraid to travel. Do you have any travel doubts? If so, you can overcome them by taking action to ensure your trip is a success. We suggest you begin by finding out what the best clothes will be to pack. Get ready to squash your fears and travel with confidence. Read on to learn what to wear in Florida, for any type of weather.

Know What to Wear in Florida

If you ask a Florida resident to describe Florida weather in one word, they would most likely say it’s “unpredictable”. You can’t rely on the weather report to always provide an accurate forecast. Instead, you’ll need to pack clothes to accommodate a wide range of weather. Here’s a look at some of Florida’s common weather patterns:

  • High winds
  • Storms
  • Extreme heat
  • On and off rain
  • High humidity

If you’re not traveling in the winter months, you can plan on the weather being hot or rainy.

Stay Dry on Rainy Days

Florida weather is infamous for playing tricks on locals and tourists. One moment you’re looking at clear blue skies when suddenly the clouds are dark and pouring rain. If you dress correctly, rain can be a welcomed gift. After the rain passes, a lot of the day’s heat will have lessened, and the air will be cooler. Here’s what to wear in Florida if you think it’s going to rain:

  • Quality sandals
  • Shorts/skirt that fit under a poncho
  • Cargo pants to secure your phone/wallet in the rain

We recommend quality sandals because sneakers are a nightmare to dry after the rain passes. Make sure the sandals you buy will provide you with proper foot support, and comfort. One popular style you’ll see in Florida for sandals is the sneaker/sandal approach. Many sneaker companies will also make strap on sandals. The benefit of these sandals is that the traction is much better, and the color selection is usually broader.

Stay Cool in Extreme Heat

Are you going to Florida during the summer? Summertime cruises from Florida are always a classic, along with stays at beachside resorts. Yet, while Florida summers are great for making memories, they can also get dangerously hot. How hot is dangerously hot? Records show the highest “feels like” temperature in Florida as being 108 degrees! Here’s what to wear to make sure you’re comfortable on the hottest of days:

  • Canvas shoes that breathe
  • Cotton shirt
  • Cooling technology

You can look for clothing companies that specialize in “cooling technology”. These clothes are specifically engineered to absorb moisture when dry and cool when wet.

So far we’ve been discussing what to wear in Florida in regards to being comfortable in any weather. Yet there are seasonal fashion trends you should consider as well. Floridians love color-coordinating their outfits to match the current season. For example, in the fall season, you’ll see people wearing outfits with warm autumn colors like orange or gold. While in the summertime you’ll see people wearing more bright and festive colors, like vibrant greens or resilient reds.

Take the time to color coordinate some of your outfits to match the colors of the season you’re traveling in. You’ll be sure to love the way you look, while also staying dry and cool. We love having the chance to share our fashion tips and tricks with you. Are you ready for a little bit of inspiration to make your old wardrobe fabulous and new? Check out our fashion section today!

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