What is a Carport & is it Worth it?

The two biggest purchases in most people’s lives are their house and their car. Having invested heavily in these items it’s only reasonable to want to protect them.

Houses are generally secure and this can be improved by the right security alarm. But, your car is more exposed. It doesn’t matter if you leave it on the road or in your driveway, it’s open to thieves and the elements. This can seriously affect its value and increase your insurance costs.

Of course, the ideal solution is to have a garage. But, if you don’t already have a garage they are expensive to build. They can also be surprisingly complicated as you’ll need planning permission first. Even if you do have a garage you’ll need to invest in an electronic door to make it relatively hassle-free. You’ll also need to keep the space empty for your car, that’s more difficult than it sounds

The Solution: A carport

You can purchase a single or a double carport for your home. There are many different types but in essence, they adopt the same principles. They will have four solid legs that support a roof structure, the space underneath is big enough to park one or two cars, depending on which size carport you’ve chosen.

In some cases the carport is affixed to the wall of your home, giving it three open sides. In other cases it’s free-standing, giving it four open sides.

Carports are easy to erect and can be put over any type of surface. In addition, they often don’t need planning permission!

The Benefits of a Carport

There are several benefits worth noting about having a carport.

  • Convenience

The carport is easy to use; you simply drive under it. There is no fussing with garage doors in the rain or slowly squeezing your car in to avoid damaging it. You don’t even need to think about the width of your car when purchasing a new one.

In short, it’s easy and convenient.

  • Security

Although your car is still visible it will be closer to your home and you can add lighting to your carport. This is a great deterrent for most thieves, especially opportunists as they won’t want to risk being seen. Add in a smart camera or two and you’ll have an extra deterrent and the ability to see what is happening without going outside.

  • Protection

The carport provides a roof over your car. This will block the majority of the damage that can be done by wind, rain, and low-flying birds! In short, it will help to retain the look and value of your car. That’s a good thing considering the cost of replacing it.

Don’t forget, having a carport can also reduce your car insurance premium. It’s worth mentioning it at your renewal date and asking what difference it makes. If your current insurer doesn’t reduce your premium you should try another one, any saving you can make is a bonus.