Delicate and Meticulous Tattoo Designs by Blum

Blum is a French tattoo artist based in Marseille. She works at Prisme Tattoo and trained by Rémy, the founder of the studio. She brings her vision of jewelry tattooing in order to sublimate feminine beauty, delicate and meticulous, with a floral touch that reminds her of the countryside where she comes from. She doesn’t work personal designs but only her own drawings. Her work is absolutely stunning. We are truly inspired by her unique techniques and it captured our attention as soon as we stumbled upon her feed on Instagram. She creates chandelier-like tattoo designs using dot-work technique. Her designs are one of the most attractive ones that look charming on female body, reflecting the beauty of its owner. You can highlight the body part of you that you love the most by getting one of her designs inked by Blum’s talented hands. Now enjoy some of her delicate and meticulous designs that we handpicked from her Instagram feed.