Wedding Ceremony Details and Photography by Kaleb Norman James Willis

Kaleb Norman James Willis is one of the top wedding organizators in Italy. He was born in a strong Italian family and his parents were his first teachers who helped him to get the qualities to start this job. Kaleb’s father taught him the pursuit of excellence and attention to detail, while his mother instilled in him an understanding that kindness and intentionality will take him further than anything else. At the age of 13, Kaleb got the opportunity to assist on his sister’s wedding. It was that first meeting with her designer that sealed the deal and he’s never looked back. Kaleb began his company with the intent of being his client’s greatest advocate and also their friend and this has allowed him to create truly beautiful events again and again, with an innate understanding of who his clients are and what is most important to them on their wedding day. His design style is categorized by a pursuit of timeless elegance, luxe detail and effortless grandeur. He takes care of each and every detail of the wedding organization thoroughly and that’s the secret of his success. In order to inspire you for your own wedding day, here we showcase some photo-ideas selected from Kaleb’s feed. Hope you find them helpful.