Erupting Volcano Beneath the Milky Way in Guatemala

31-year-old Dutch award winning photographer Albert Dros made a huge effort to capture these completely unique photographs of erupting Fuego and it certainly paid off. He planned everything weeks ahead using all the tools he had at his disposal – photopills to figure out the position of the milky way, online observing scopes, recent activity logs, and webcams. He even called multiple times the local weather station. His intention was to shoot the erupting volcano and align the Milky Way at night with clear skies and a new moon so the stars would have a good visibility. After a very tough steep hike, he has risen to the Acatenango volcano the next day from which he took these masterful art pieces. “When I saw it erupting up close combined with the powerful sound I was just paralyzed. This was amazing. It was literally one of the most impressive things I had ever seen in nature.”

Calm before the storm.

Sunrise upon the Fuego, an active volcano in Guatemala.

Aligned Milky Way and a new moon’s brightest stars.

Panorama From Campsite Around 9 PM

Paralyzing power of a sound and visuals of an angry Fuego.

Albert carefully planned the whole trip to assure a perfect photo timing.

He used online tools to predict the position of the Milky Way.

He called the local weather station.

In the end, luck was on his side when everything aligned perfectly in its place.

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