Outstanding Tattoo Designs by Vasily Suvorov Tattoo

Ekaterinburg, Russia based tattoo artist Vasily Suvorov is outstanding with his colourful and extraordinary tattoo designs. He is capable of inking tattoos of any complexity and there are 12 tattoo artists in his studio each of whom has different styles. He uses his needle talentedly to pour his creativity on his client’s skin and gives life to various patterns on request. From skulls, skeletons to snakes and florals, he has a wide range of designs in his portfolio. Being a huge fan of Alice In Wonderland, we fell in love with his Cheshire Cat tattoo design. “You always want to draw in your own way what other artists have already done a thousand times. It worked or not – you decide.” he says about Cheshire Cat. “If you set a goal, you need to achieve it, not paying attention to the first difficulties. The victory will just be even brighter and more interesting.” he believes as a life motto. About the healing period, he recommends; “You mustn’t stay in the sun for a long time and follow the master’s instructions during healing.” Wanna see his body ink art pieces now? Just scroll down and let us know about your opinions.