Lovely Embroidered Pet Pawtraits by Kae Hana

Kae Hana is based in Singapore and she started embroidery 5 years ago. She is enthusiactic about embroidery because of this stereotype about it that it’s a “grandma” hobby but she think there’s something so elegant and intricate about embroidery. She describes her art as honest. She tries her best for the hardestest part which is to capture the spirits of all the pets she embroiders. Especially their quirks! We had the opportunity to have an online interview with her and she told us about her source of inspiration for such a beautiful artwok; “I get my inspiration from all the stories my customers tell me about their pets. I’m a huge animal lover myself so I can absolutely relate!” We also wanted to learn why she started an IG account and she replied as follows; “I started my IG account so that I can share my journey where I keep learning new things and improving!” Sometimes people ask for an embroidered portrait of their pet that has passed away and she work on that keepsake. “This month, I’m working on pieces that are all centered on grief. The loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of a family member. I’m hoping this piece will bring some comfort to my client.” she captions one of her works. Wanna see some of her best pieces now? Just scroll down and feast your artistic side!