Urban Architect Enjoys Transforming Everyday Objects into Unusual Buildings

Felipe de Castro is an architect well-known for his illustrations of buildings not like the others. His peculiarity: he invents buildings with generally bizarre and unusual shapes inspired by everyday objects. Felipe de Castro imagines original buildings from objects and accessories as a camera, a watch or a calculator. A little game of style that seems rather good fun for his community. Discover some of his best pieces in the gallery below and for the rest, go to Felipe’s Instagram Page to learn more about his art.

The Nikon camera turned the Japanese Embassy.

This series of works is so fine because it gives us an idea of the inner workings of an artist’s mind.

Here, we get to take a look at how the artist sees & interpret the world around them.

He turned an Office Check Stamper into an Apple store/Commercial Building.

By transforming everyday household items into stunning pieces of architectural design, De Castro forces us to re-interpret some of the mundane aspects of our day to day existence.

Is this just your everyday household watch or is it a stunning new modern observatory?

Mechanical pencils make the most beautiful 3 piece connected skyscrapers.

via [thecultmachine]

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