Untraditional Wedding Registry Ideas for Modern Couples

When you say “I do,” your friends and family are there to support you. They also support you through your wedding registry, a list of things you need to start your life together as a couple. In the past, couples would fill their registry up with homewares, kitchen items, and stylish home decor. Today, not so much.

As more and more couples choose to move in together before their wedding day, many brides and grooms are discovering they don’t need those traditional items on their registry anymore. They already have enough bowls, linens, and fancy trays to last a lifetime, why ask for more?

Additionally, as younger generations are lining up at the altar, they’re starting to value experiences more than things. This means we’re all taking a new direction when it comes to wedding registries. Here are some non-traditional registry ideas to get the ball rolling.

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1. Fund Your Honeymoon
Why spend your guests’ money on trinkets and material objects that will just clutter your home? Instead, fund the trip of a lifetime. Your honeymoon is your first trip together as a married couple. You want to start your life together off on the right foot (or flight).

Because honeymoons can be expensive, especially if you’re traveling far, why not use this wedding registry website to fund your dream honeymoon? Set up your honeymoon fund in just a few clicks, share your destination with your guests, and let them take part in your plans. Before you know it, it will be time to set sail into your new life together.

2. Build Your Dream Home
Maybe you’ve been living together for a while, but you’ve always dreamed of buying a house or remodeling your kitchen? Why not include your guests in this process? Create a registry to help fund your house goals, whether you’re preparing for a down payment or just trying to build a backyard deck.

To sweeten the deal, invite all of your cherished guests over to your new space for a move-in celebration. This is a registry idea that really funds your life together. Start your wedding day with the right foundation.

3. Give to a Cause
Are you a charitable couple who already has everything you could want? You can’t put a price on charity. Aks your loved ones to make a gift to your favorite charity instead. Help feed kids in Africa or donate to a local cause. Giving back is an easy way to make a positive impact with your wedding day at no extra cost to you.

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4. Ask for Experiences
If you’ve already paid for your honeymoon and you don’t want to ask for the traditional “stuff” that fills most registries, why not ask for experiences? Think of luxurious experiences you wouldn’t usually pay for yourself.

Things like wine clubs, local museum passes, or even skydiving lessons. This is a great opportunity to think of ways to step outside your comfort zone, get to know your partner in a new way and try something new without asking for cash.

5. Build a Collection
If you’re building a collection in your home of things you love, why not ask friends and family to contribute? Ideas for this could be favorite movies, books, vinyl or beyond. Think of things you love, and ask for your family’s favorites.

Not only will you end up with an astounding collection of amazing things, but you’ll also have a little bit of all of your guests to take with you on your life together. Image having a library filled with your friend’s and family’s favorite books. That’s something to cherish forever.

Starting Your Life Together
Are you ready to finally say “I do?” Before your big day, make sure you’ve given good thought to your registry. Don’t feel pressured to go the traditional route if one of these ideas above speaks out to you.

Your guests want the best for you. Give them an opportunity to do something really special that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

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