Unique and Timeless Flower Arrangements by Gather Design

Amy is the founder of Gather Design Company who has always been into flowers since she was a little girl. “My love for flowers runs deep and true. I grew up ‘helping’ in my mom’s, grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s gardens, learning how to grow flowers, and more importantly, how to pick and arrange them. This is where the name Gather comes from – I’ve always been good at what my family broadly terms hunting and gathering.” she states on her blog. She has always been interested in collecting tiny nature findings, then she polishes or dyes what she has found and arranges them to design something using her imagination and creativity. She says; “On a trip through Europe, I managed to gather upwards of 40 pounds of rocks, each special in my mind, from beaches my husband and I walked. I take the same tireless care in gathering vintage vases for my collection and seeking out the most luscious seasonal blooms for my clients.” Also adding that; “I believe in letting flowers shine as they do in nature. I let each stem dance and delight in their own loveliness, highlighted and supported by every other bit of foliage and flowers in an arrangement. My designs are at once unique and timeless, romantic and whimsical, pensive and wild”. From hand bouquets and a matching boutonniere to centerpieces and all other floral decorations, Amy elaboratively selects flowers then arranges them in harmony with your personal taste and her aesthetic eye.