Neutral and Classy Street Style Outfits by Karlie Stroup

Karlie Stroup is a popular blogger and Instagrammer based in Kansas city where she lives with her husband Nate and their two girls Ayla and Ayden. Karlie Stroup worked in the fashion industry throughout college and has always had a love for textiles, prints, fabrics and trends. Fashion and fitness have been a great passion of Karlie’s now and forever. AYLEN.S was created as an outlet for Karlie’s love of fashion and life balance. This blog allows her to follow her fashion passion and re-create some of the best trends for the everyday gal in a fun, light-hearted way. Followers are provided with style inspiration and advice with some humor and stories along the way. “If you put your heart and hard-work into something you are passionate about, you will love what you do and YOU WILL be successful.” she states on her blog. Her style can be described as neutral and classy which she thinks is the perfect look for any occasion. If you enjoy following fashion bloggers and read their daily stories on their blogs, then you’ll definitely like Karlie and her family. Let us present you some of her street style outfits here, then remember to join in her community.