Understanding the Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

When Dealing With Storage Problems, Fitted Wardrobes Are Popular Solutions.

As the name itself suggest, fitted wardrobes are fitted into a room from the floor to the ceiling. This helps to avoid awkward empty spaces in the house. These wardrobes come in different lengths and widths so you can choose one that exactly matches your preferences.

The below-mentioned facts will help you understand the benefits of a fitted wardrobe.

Tailor-made As Per Your Needs

Generic wardrobes just don’t always match everyone’s preferences. Therefore, more people prefer to pay the average cost of modern fitted wardrobes so that they can get one with all the features they need. You can even mention the detailing you need on the wardrobe and omit any features that you don’t think are useful to you. Traditional store-bought wardrobes do not include enough space and it can be very frustrating to tidy up your clothes and shoes in separate compartments. With a fitted one, you can solve this issue completely as you can get one built wherein you can specify the inclusion of shoe racks and other features. You can add additional cupboards, drawers, compartments, racks, hangers, and much more to be able to create a storage space that fits your unique needs. You can add all these features and cover it properly with a customs-tailer wardrobe door that matches the interior of your room. You can add a full-length mirror that can help you see how you have dressed up.

Efficient Use Of Space

The best thing about a fitted wardrobe is that it occupies the exact space that you designate for it. Regardless of your room being small, narrow, or large, you can devote any space to the wardrobe. You can efficiently design these customized fitted wardrobes to make any space appear neat. This is not possible with a freestanding wardrobe as if the shape of the room is not genric, then it will just stand out and look all wrong. If it is too big then it will dominate the room and if it is too small then it will look miserable as compared to other furnishing in the room. Sometimes when you buy these standard wardrobes, you will discover later that it doesn’t even fit through the door. With fitted wardrobes, you can wave goodbye to all these worries as you can get it designed in a way that it seamlessly fits into the room with no wasted space.

Custom-tailored Lighting

In your free-standing generic wardrobe, you can be rummaging for a long time in the dark at night or cloudy days because it is dark inside. Another wonderful feature of the fitted wardrobe is that you can ask the designer to add the lighting that you need and incorporate it in the design itself. You can individually ask the designer to include a light inside each cabinet area so you can clearly see the items inside. You can get the light to be triggered automatically when the doors are opened.

Choosing The Material And Finish

Sometimes when you buy a freestanding wardrobe, it is only after you have set it up at home that you realize that the shade or the wood finish actually doesn’t match your room at all. It may appear to be closing with all the other elements in the room. You may have to spend days stripping the and sanding paint and redoing it again. Also, as you don’t really get to choose the material of your choice, the chances that the quality will be durable are low too. You might have to buy another one soon as it would be damaged quickly. With fitted wardrobes, can be made with different woods and wood finishes so you can choose one that fits the environment of the room. Using the right material and the finish will ensure that the wardrobe complements the other elements of your room seamlessly.

Style By Choice

Everyone likes a theme of their own liking in their house. Some people might choose a more contemporary look for the interiors of their house while others may want the glamour of the modern decor. A fitted wardrobe can help you maintain the style of the house and provide a more classic look that doesn’t look outdated no matter how old it is. You can get a wardrobe made exactly as per the style that you desire.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Cleaning in itself is a chore that is not liked by everyone. Over that when you are unable to get into every nook and corner of the house and can see that dust staring back at you in an extremely difficult corner to reach, it can make you very frustrated. If you have people living in the house who have dust allergies, then the freestanding wardrobe can be a nightmare as it will collect dust all around it and the small areas will be hard to reach. You will struggle to get the cobwebs out from between and top of the walls and the wardrobe. With the fitted wardrobe, on the other hand, you will not face any such problem. However, that doesn’t mean that there will be no spiders taking residence in your wardrobe. For that, you will need to take some extra measures to keep them out.

Longterm Investment

A fitted wardrobe can increase the property value of your home as it is a part of your home. You can actually use it while you are staying there and yet get some extra profit when you decide to sell it in the future. The new buyers too would like the idea of utilizing the space to its maximum benefit.

So the next time, you are considering getting a wardrobe, make sure it is a fitted one. However, make sure you get it made by professionals so that you can enjoy the benefits it brings with it for a long time. While you can choose the materials and other options yourself, you will still need the right company that can help to put it together properly. Most companies that offer such services will also help you to customize the wardrobe as per your preferences so you can see the final design of how it will look before actually getting it built.