5 Tips to Raise a Happy Puppy

For the pet lovers out there, caring for a dog is a huge task. However, nothing beats the feeling of coming home to be greeted at the door by your furry friend at the end of the day. Bringing a puppy home for the first time is a large milestone for any family, but there are many ways you can ensure your dog grows up happy, healthy and well-trained. Below are five tips to raise a happy puppy.

1. Feed Your Dog Well

To raise a happy puppy, you will want to ensure they are well fed. Their meals should be properly balanced, with the nutrients your dog needs for healthy growth and development. Poor nutrition is one of the common causes of poor health in dogs. When picking dog food, ensure it is specially formulated to meet your dog’s needs. It’s best if you go for diets specifically created for the breed.

2. Good Exercise

It’s not uncommon for dogs to feel bored when restricted to just one environment. To improve the life of your canine friend, ensure they get a good dose of exercise from an early age through regular walks. Dog walking also gives you a chance to exercise, socialize, and even meet new people. Regular exercise will also help keep your dog active and cheerful.

3. Get the Right Treats and Toys

Another great way to keep your puppy happy as they grow is through treats and toys. Treats are also effective when teaching discipline and tricks. Just make sure the treats are suitable for your pup and you won’t have to visit the vet in the middle of the night.

Toys are an effective way to keep your dog cheerful and playful. If you are passionate about protecting the environment, there is also a range of eco-friendly dog toys to choose from.

4. Try Shorter, Interesting Training Sessions

Training is paramount for young canines. It is where the basic rules are established and the tricks are learned. However, some pups get bored if the sessions are too long. To ensure your puppy gets the most out of their training, it is best to keep their sessions shorter.

5. Spend Time With Your Canine Friend

Always ensure to set time aside to spend with your puppy as they grow. It gives you a chance to create a strong bond and let them view you as a parent figure. Cuddle with your pup often while indoors, and let them feel loved by letting them tag along when going out.

6. Create a Relaxing Space for Your Pup

Dogs need a space they can call their own. Depending on your budget and creativity,  it could be as simple as choosing a quiet corner in the house and placing a crate covered with a cozy blanket for your pooch’s comfort. When creating a space your dog can call their own, make sure it’s not too secluded from the rest of the household.

A cheerful pet does wonders for any family, allowing you to form a bond that’s incomparable. With the tips above in mind, raising a happy puppy should be simple.