Under-Dogs – Funny Photographs Captured From Underneath

Under-cats, under-rabbits, and under-horse are previous projects of photographer Andirus Burba which seem to become his signature artwork. This time is for dog lovers, a project photographed a year ago but Burba has patiently waited to present it along with the publication of his ‘Under-dogs’ book. When he compares this project with ‘Under-cats’ he finds dogs more playful and obedient, which helped him to create more interesting shots. Some dogs were energetic on the ground but on the glass, they stood still like a rock. For larger dogs, Burba had to design a new glass table in order to capture those Kodak moments. “I learned two main things from these photo shoots. First, cats think they are gods since people feed, love and give them homes. Secondly, dogs see human as a god as they feed, love and give them homes,” explains Burba. Now he’s decided to go full-time on the ‘Underlook’ projects as his next goal is Tigers!

Privacy please.

Photographer Andrius Burba is a creator ‘under-dogs’ project.

He’s previous work include under-cats, under-rabbits, and under-horse.

“Some dogs were very playful on the ground but on the glass stood still as a rock.”

“Dogs are more playful and obedient than cats and easier to work with.”

Burba also published his ‘Under-dogs’ book.

His next goal is to capture Tigers from underneath.

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