Top Ways To Surprise And Impress Your Gamer Friend

How can you surprise and impress your gamer friend? For those who love gaming, it can be quite hard to find the perfect gift. That is why this article lists down the top ways to surprise and impress your gamer friend.

Create a customized game accessory

One of the best things that you can do is to create a unique gaming accessory for your gamer friend. It can be something as simple as an in-game character, or maybe having it printed on the console of your choice. In this case, you can even design your own MTG playmat before you give it to your friend as a present if it is card games that he or she likes to play with. The key is in the presentation and in the effort that you put into it.

Some of the other customized gifts that you can give include a custom-made Xbox controller, a personalized mousepad with your gamer friend’s favorite game character, or even just his or her name. In this case, you may need to know how to create a custom mousepad or paint your playmats if you want to create a personalized gaming accessory for your friend. Otherwise, you can also check out sites such as Etsy for some custom-made items that you can add to your list of gifts. Just be creative with the gift that you give.

Give your friend a gift of experience

Another great and popular way to surprise and impress your gamer friend is by giving them an experience gift. Experience gifts can range from something as simple as watching the newest episode of their favorite TV show together, to something as complex as a VIP experience in an amusement park. It all depends on your budget and the preference of your gamer friend too.

Again, you may need to do some research before getting that perfect gift for your gamer friend. For instance, if he or she likes traveling then it would be great to get them a hotel or flight voucher as a gift. This is because they can use it for their next vacation or for you to experience something new together with your friend. Just be sure that you know what he or she would want before getting them an unforgettable experience gift such as these to surprise and impress the gamer in your life.

Get them more than just one game

If you want to make someone happy with their favorite video games, all you need is to give more than what they expected. For instance, you can give a gift card so that they can buy their favorite games using the money. With this, your gamer friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort in getting them more than just one game or accessory for gaming purposes.

However, you need to be creative with how to present your gift for your friend to be impressed. For instance, if you want to surprise and impress your gamer friend with a gift card for them to buy games online on their console of choice, be sure that it is not just any ordinary gift card. You can make the envelope or container more interesting by using some unique ideas such as making it look like an old NES cartridge complete with labels and all. This is because the gamer in your life will appreciate this very unique gift that you have given them to cheer them up with their favorite games.

Bring your friend along when you go shopping

To truly surprise and impress your gamer friend, bring him or her with you whenever you go shopping. For example, if you are going to buy a new console and want his or her advice about which one is better for them, then bring him along with you. Even something as simple as getting your gamer friend’s opinion before buying the latest MTG cards can be considered a good enough surprise.

If your gamer friend likes playing multiplayer games, then make sure that you are there to play with him or her whenever it is possible. However, if the game requires multiple players for online matches, then you can always be their substitute when they want to play but do not have anyone else to play with.

The best gifts are those that show how much you care about someone. Whether you know what they like, or not, there is a present out there for everyone. If these ideas don’t work for your giftee, explore online sources to find out what more stores have to offer.